Holy Trinity

I read an article recently that said that there are three things that can truly make someone happy.

Relationships, positive thinking and flow.

The simplicity behind these three things gave me pause.

I agree with this argument wholeheartedly and I believe that each of these factors genuinely contribute to happiness.

What I wonder is how connected they are. For instance, can you have good relationships without positive thoughts? Let’s reflect on this first part.

If you’re out with a close friend and they make a judgment comment about you, do you go home feeling hurt, judged or resentful? Or do you reflect on their comment, and determine, honestly, whether there’s truth behind it? Do you then express gratitude for having someone in your life who’ll actually call you out on your bs? Let’s be honest, not many of us do the latter. It’s hard and takes a lot of patience and self-reflection. But imagine if every time a judgment comment did come your way, you threw gratitude and self-reflection into the pot instead of defensiveness or hurt? Would this type of positive thinking change the dynamic of your relationships? If so, positive thinking and good relationships should actually go hand in hand.

Then we look at the concept of flow. Flow is the state you’re in when you focus 100% on a task, undisturbed, letting yourself become immersed in it. In our 'flow' state, our precuneus is active. This is the part of the brain associated with self-reflection and aspects of consciousness. In our flow state, neurochemicals are released into our brain including norepinephrine, dopamine, anandamide, serotonin and endorphins. All of these chemicals are associated with increased happiness, focus and productivity. This is the ideal state to be in when trying to accomplish a task that takes true focus. After being in a state of flow, you’ll find yourself feeling lighter, happier and simply more excited about life.

If in our state of flow, chemicals associated to happiness are being released, does that not mean we’re thinking positively? And if we’re thinking positively, does that not mean our relationships are better

Holy trinity, mind blown!

It's all connected. Positive thinking, relationships and a state of flow. The article wasn't wrong in saying these three factors contribute to ultimate happiness. What the article missed, however, was to state that our most euphoric states can be found when we allow all three factors to be interconnected. So breathe. Be positive. and let it all flow.