Ego trip: A journey to nowhere

Confidence is the most attractive quality in a person. It’s both the most desired and desirable quality in every person. It’s what each of us is seeking both in a partner and for ourselves. But when confidence meets ego it can be incredibly destructive. I don’t want to be with someone with a big ego.  But authentic confidence, now that’s attractive.

Artificial confidence = ego. So how do we make sure we are exuding authentic confidence? Humility. We all have unique strengths. The key is to strive to cultivate your unique strengths so that you can live your best life. But that doesn’t make you better than the next person. Or more right. Be humble in knowing that. Understand that your best self is unique to you. If you’re tapping into your full potential - authentic confidence will exude from your fingertips and toes. It’s when you’re not doing this, and deep down you know when you’re not, that the ego comes in.

The ego is that voice that tells us to compensate for our shortcomings by making sure no one else sees them. It inflates our confidence in an artificial way so that no one can see through to our insecurities. If this sounds like you, try your hand at humility. Being humble allows us to appreciate those insecurities so that we can learn to deal with them.

Focus on your strengths. Or better yet - make your insecurities your strengths. Let humility pave the path towards authentic confidence and away from the artificial. Because ego is exhausting but confidence - that’s energizing.